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Meet Our Team

A lifelong martial artist with a passion for combat sports and the athletes that make the sport what it is, Jeremy has been involved with Tristar Gym for over 10 years and is currently the Operations Manager for the world-renowned gym. He and his partner Robbie also run the Tristar Dormitories, which provides housing for the out of town athletes. Over the past decade, he has been an amateur boxing promoter and helped coordinate 3 professional mixed martial arts events. Currently, Jeremy is the head coach and program director for the Wimp 2 Warrior program run at Tristar gym.

Through the years of coaching, assisting and travelling with the athletes, Jeremy has built a respected reputation and network within the global MMA community and has obtained contracts with organizations across North America and the Middle East while constantly expanding the company’s roster of promotions they work with.


Jeremy and Robbie pride themselves on their relationship with all the ESS athletes. They work directly with the fighters and their support teams, including coaches and family, ensuring that everything is taken care of including but not limited to: all things related to contract , purse negotiations, media, coordinating the Medicals with the team Doctor and facilitating any needs leading up to and including fight week. Jeremy and Robbie’s dedication and commitment is proven by their track record and is a testament to the hard work ethic and will to help others with their careers.


In Jeremy’s words: “I have not only had the privilege of being a fly on the wall in one of the best MMA gyms on the planet but also been a part of the action, working with the amateur and professional fighters along side some of the best coaches in the world. I have been through, seen and understand the demands of this sport and continue to see it on a daily basis, what the athletes HAVE to put in to get a small piece of a huge pie. That’s why I got into management. Out of respect for the fighters and what they do!

I take tremendous pride in helping these guys out anyway I can. Our relationships with our athletes extend past the gym walls and we truly are like a family.”


Younes Chahti is a huge MMA passionate and has been gearing himself towards and taking the steps to work in this industry for a while now with his ultimate goal being contributing to the success of the athletes. After studying law and psychology in university , he realized this was not his calling and transitioned into the management program which aligned more with his aspirations of being involved in the fight game including managing athletes , promoting shows, owning a training space , designing his brand of fight gear, etc.

ESS and the athletes we represent benefit tremendously from having Younes and his skill set , passion , enthusiasm and dedication as part of our team and look forward to continuing to build this company and do great things for our athletes and the sport.


My career started in athletics with my devotion to Amature wrestling. I won 7 Canadian National titles as well as represented Canada at many international Events notably winning a silver medal at the 2010 commonwealth games in Delhi. I then made the transition to professional MMA where I amassed a 6-5 record fighting for 2 world titles and was managed by Jeremy and Robbie at ESS during the last chapter of my pro MMA career.

Throughout my life, I participated in many different media roles ; reality shows , radio shows, short films, special skills movie roles, podcasts, tv appearances, sports commentating, event host and I am currently the host of my YouTube show: The Boom Boom Show, where I interview and comment on different topics such as combat sports and popular culture.



John Ramdeen has been a fixture on the Canadian combat sports landscape for more than two decades. As a personality on the Television channel Fight Network, Ramdeen had the chance to interview some of the biggest names in the fight game, including, Mike Tyson, Georges St. Pierre, Conor McGregor, Dana White, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, and Ronda Rousey to name just a few. Ramdeen is perhaps most recognized and respected for his role as play-by-play commentator, which has taken him around the World. He has been at the helm for numerous broadcasts such as K-1 Kickboxing, TKO MMA, RITC, UAE Warriors, Ken Shamrock’s Valor Bare Knuckle, The World Combat Games, XMMA and the Pan-Am Games. The Ontario native is currently the Voice of Samourai MMA and Unified MMA which can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass, and he continues to work with promotions around the globe showcasing his craft. Recently Ramdeen began his journey as an agent working for the ESS Management Team and is thrilled for the new opportunity and the challenges that lie ahead. He will rely on his experience, eye for talent, relationship building abilities and his reputation to help the great team around him.

I look forward to bringing my lifetime of combat sports experience to the ESS team and contributing to the careers of the athletes we represent.

Ivan Neuimin

 In 2020, I created a YouTube channel about MMA, where I made films about fighters, interviews and official tournament reviews of the top MMA leagues. 

The list of leagues with which I officially collaborated included the UFC, Bellator, PFL, ONE FC, RCC, ACA and many local Russian leagues. 

This collaboration has given me a lot of acquaintances and connections in these leagues. 

Later, a friend of mine from a large gym in the USA asked me to find a fight for one of their fighters. 

That’s how I got into the field of management for fighters. 

Now I am cooperating with several large agencies, managers and GYMS and I am diving deeper and deeper into this area, developing as a person and a professional. 

I hope I can be useful for the ESS team and I can help the fighters of the team to fight often and for a good fee so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.